August 3, 2011

Because you were wondering...

by Veronica

The downside to not working outside the home is - it really is about me all the time. Am I hungry? Cold? Do I feel like working out? Should I go grocery shopping? And lately, I'm the soul inhabitant here, so things get even more specific...lights on or off? Change the sheets or wait and do it when I wash towels? Sit on this side of the table or that side? Spread out on the couch or curl up in the chair? Tell the blogosphere how ridiculous I am or not? The upside to working at home: all the food in the conference room is mine.

So, Veronica, Jr. is wowing them in NYC. After weeks of organizing the same 2,000 magazines and picking dried milk out from crevices in the office fridge, she was given a big, juicy plum of an assignment: act as personal assistant to the Executive Director flying in from L.A. to oversee a one day shoot with Sarah Silver (photog of the moment) for Swarovski Crystals - to be published in "W" magazine in October, November and December. Veronica, Jr. fetched water, food and walked Ms. Silver's dog. She dropped a net on the model on the count of 3 and hung around until nearly midnight while the model tried to wash off the purple body paint. When we Skyped, not one of her toes was touching the earth; even after a 16 hour day excitement and a sense of the potential future coursed through every fiber of her mind and body. A beautiful sight to see 12 hours and 7,000 miles away.

I sat down to write about how I just ruined tonight's dessert because I suck at reading directions then got sidetracked about how self-absorbed I am which led me to thinking about my daughter and how awesome she is and now I'm over my dessert fiasco and have to go make the pizza dough...which, thankfully, has few steps involved.

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